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What are the Various Important Torque Tools?

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Contractors have been known to have problems with quality control because of them employing numerous workers. As employees would vary in levels of strength, screws and bolts have been tightened differently. It would lead to non-uniform results that could cause structural troubles along with aesthetic issues. Moreover, in case they have been using traditional screwdrivers, most workers would at times accidentally strip screws and warp the corners of bolts. It would be especially true when they would be tired at the end of day’s work. In order to prevent such types of problems, several contractors would make use of Torque Tools. It would be inclusive of internal mechanisms for promoting uniform results along with minimizing the risk of accidental damage.

How is it to work without torque tools?

Due to torque instruments have been known to cost more than traditional tools, several contractors would try to go without worrying about them. More often than not, it would lead to structural imperfections and other kinds of problems. When the head would actually break off screws, it would be difficult to remove. It would hold true for situation where bolts would be over-tightened or stripped. Even though, these tools would cost more, they would often assist contractors to save money by encouraging productivity of workers and prevent costly breakage. Moreover, with the tools being tax-deductible, these would be considered a wide investment for several contractors looking forward to employing several workers for completion of a single project.


Torque wrenches have been deemed relatively similar to torque screwdrivers, lest they have been intended for usage with nuts and bolts. Frequently, these instruments would resemble typical socket wrenches. Nonetheless, they comprise internal mechanisms for prevention of over-tightening. It would be done by eliminating torque after the preset levels are reached successfully. In addition, as they have been known to tighten the nuts and bolts easily, these tools would be helpful in promoting efficiency. It would do so while reducing fatigue in workers considerably.


There have been wide ranges of electric screwdrivers making use of torque in order to make building and assembly relatively easier. The common torque screwdriver has been useful for building and construction projects. On the other hand, the pneumatic screwdriver has been usually preferred for assembly. Regardless the purpose, these specific tools have two things in common. Firstly, they would encourage uniformity by enabling users to determine torque limits beforehand. Secondly, they would be having an internal clutch for disengaging after the screwdriver comes in terms with predefined torque limits. The latter feature would help in avoiding the need for stripping by preventing the user from over-tightening.

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